First person shooters

There's nothing quite like taking out those pent up frustrations on some poor, unsuspecting sap.

Doom2 Simple graphics, but very quick.
Quake  Never good enough to make it to the CIX team I none the less enjoyed playing in the CIX league. A member of the Gibiatrics, I was proud to be playing with the likes of Andrex, Sheol, and Girls_Blouse. We won of course.

Quake II is prettier, but not as quick. I play as 2of6[BORG] and [BAH]BaaBlackSheep, BORG and BAH  clans respectively.

Half Life Amazing graphics and a good story. the thinking man's Quake. Downloads, FAQs and links News, Mods, Chat More downloads and mods And more  aka And yet more Small, but useful

Half Life 2  
Id Without whom this would not be possible.    
Gamespy Best way to find the killing fields.
CIX cixclan.gif (12482 bytes)Host to some of the best players around.
[BAH] bahlogo1.gif (5262 bytes)    Mad as a bunch of Ferrets

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